How To Combine Flooring With Coating

How To Combine Flooring With Coating

Choosing and combining flooring with coatings for the home is a difficult task that creates many uncertainties. Today, Floor coatings (ทาสีพื้นปูน which is the term in Thai) bring more sensitivity, color, and history to the creation of your products, resulting in enchantment when buying the material. This factor becomes a challenge due to so many choices of materials with different shapes and textures.

Therefore, architects and designers need to understand what the client wants to convey in their space. So, before making any decision about the project, the research will help the professional understand what result can be achieved.

During pagination, it is common to doubt whether it is more correct to use the wall and floor coverings of the same or different models. For this, it is necessary to analyze the entire composition, from the coatings to the lighting of the spaces to be decorated, to seek the best way to represent the environment according to the customer’s choice.

With the range of differentiated products on the market and the high definition of the designs, the basics are highlighted, but decorated products are increasingly present in the decoration.

In this post, we explain better how to combine flooring with coating, creating harmony between colors and textures, making the environments more pleasant and with the consumer’s face.

From floor to wall: how to combine flooring with coating

matching the colors

Following traditional standards, it can be said, briefly, that warm colors refer to coziness and stability. The cool colors, for their calming properties, combine with relaxing environments.

Coatings in shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown, that is, warm colors, are great for environments with greater circulation of people, such as living rooms, kitchens, and commercial environments. In very small places, it brings a feeling of suffocation when there are many people in the same space.

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Warm color coatings on both the floor and wall look great, contrasting with a clear coating. This combination brings a feeling of spaciousness in space. Cool colors, however, are better suited to environments such as bedrooms and bathrooms. These light colors amplify the space with natural light.

White conveys the message of hygiene and purity, brightens reduced or dimly lit environments. And black is best recommended for large environments.

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