Roof Waterproofing: How To Choose The Best One?

Roof Waterproofing: How To Choose The Best One?

It is normal to have doubts when choosing the best waterproof and roof seal (กันซึมดาดฟ้า which is the term in Thai) for roofing. After all, if you suffer from an infiltration problem, you want the best solution to solve your problem with quality and safety. As they are directly exposed to the sun, rain, wind, and other weather, the roofs suffer from natural wear and tear over time.

So, it is necessary to be careful when defining which waterproofing agent to use, as there are some particularities related to this surface. One of these peculiarities is that the roof does not allow the execution of any application.

Waterproofing That Needs Mechanical Protection Is Not Suitable For Roofing

Waterproofing products that require mechanical protection are not recommended for roofs due to the simple fact that the roof structure does not present conditions for the application of this protective layer, which is usually made with mortar. There are some alternatives for using bituminous elements on roofs, with “built-in” protection against the elements, such as aluminized blankets and ribbons. However, the useful life of these materials is short, so they are more suitable for small and emergency repairs, working better as palliative elements but not suitable for the long term.

What To Consider To Make A Good Choice?

 There are some points you should keep in mind when choosing the most assertive option for waterproofing your roof:

Invest In A Specific Roof Solution

When choosing a specific roof waterproofing product, you can be more confident that that product has the necessary characteristics to guarantee a covering that meets the characteristics of the surface and is long-lasting.

Understand How The Application Works

It is essential to pay attention to the product application conditions if it requires highly specialized labor, the cost of hiring this professional, if there is a need to use concrete equipment and if it is necessary to remove residues from a previous application. When choosing a product, you must consider all these details to identify the actual cost of the waterproofing process.

Pay Attention To Durability

Another important point is related to durability. Different factors contribute to determining the useful life of a waterproofing, such as weather conditions, substrate, and traffic. But some technologies are more durable than others. So, do a lot of research and understand how each one works.

Ease Of Maintenance

A detail that often ends up being forgotten is how maintenance works. No matter how long-lasting a solution maybe, at some point, there will be a need to maintain the application. The ideal is to choose a waterproofing agent that allows maintenance in a simpler way, which can be reapplied without the need to get rid of the waterproofing work done previously.

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