What You Should Know About Decoration

What You Should Know About Decoration

Do you think decorating is difficult, costly, and far from your reality? To make your home more comfortable, you need to break down walls and have a lot of headaches? So read this post for more info (ดูเพิ่มเติม which is the term in Thai) and understand the 5 things you need to know about decor to change this concept once and for all.

1 – Start Now

That’s right; decorating doesn’t have to be an expensive project or put a hole in your budget. It is sometimes possible to start with zero cost. But how to do this? First, make a list of things you already have, especially those you don’t know where to put.

At this point, you’ll discover things that you didn’t even remember that you had or identify furniture that, when changing rooms, will make all the difference. Also, join the DIY class; you don’t need great skills; if you want ideas on how to do it, click here. Often, it is enough to move things around to gain new air. Do you have a piece of furniture in need of a renovation? Read here how to redesign and reuse. It’s also worth exploring the homes of friends and family, everyone has something they want to donate, and it might be precisely what you need.

2 – Be Authentic

Many people are concerned about the personal impression that the decoration can make when receiving a visit. Do you know that fear that remains hidden and brings a series of doubts? It starts like this, what are you going to think of like a horror movie puppet collection? Of a painting with naked women? of religious objects from different cultures?

Your house, your rules! Here you can (and should) be surrounded by things that bring you good memories; no matter what you find, we are talking about your private universe, your haven. Someone may comment on your tastes, but so what? Be authentic, always!

3 – Take Risks

It’s famous, who doesn’t take chances maybe you paint a wall with the dreamed of Tiffany blue, that you do the test before, go to the suppliers’ website, put masking tape in every corner and at the end, when it’s ready, stay disappointed with the result, it’s part!

Maybe you’ll have to live with this wall for a while, or you can buy new paint and redo it. You can even fill it with posters to disguise it anyway, courage; if you don’t try, you’ll never know how beautiful and colorful your wall could have been.

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