Why are Instagram stories important for business owners?

Why are Instagram stories important for business owners?

In the past decade, Instagram has become the most preferred social media platform among people. The app has been using by many business owners in recent days. Compared to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc, this app is the only one that has successfully earned immense popularity in a short period.

Instagram was a photo-sharing app when it was created in 2010. Know that since then, the medium is trying to offer the best service to the users. For that, they are always making and adding new features now and then. Their only goal is to keep entertaining the users.

It’s true that in a matter of just a few months, Instagram has made a record of gaining a considerable number of users right after it was launched. For that reason, the CEO and the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg have decided to buy Instagram after just 18 months of its invention.

We have found out that more than one billion people are creating their Instagram accounts every day from many studies and research. We have also come to know that at least 500-800 million active users spend their time on Instagram daily. You can bet that half of them follow so many celebrities and business profile owners or brands.

So, every business owner should use a business Instagram account to achieve more profit.

You will do a bad service to your business if you still don’t own an Instagram account. You won’t be able to stay in the competition.

Remember that you can also become successful by having a verified Instagram account, and for that, first, you will need to gain many authentic buy instagram followers. It won’t be an easy job, and you might feel overwhelmed at times. That’s why we would like to recommend that many extraordinary services work to provide their clients with real Instagram followers in order to grow their client’s business.

Here, you will learn about the ‘stories’ features of Instagram and how it will help your business.

Post-how-to contents and tutorials

Professionals say that if you want your business to become successful sooner, you should get familiar with utilizing the ‘stories’ function. We suggest you share some how-to contents of products relevant to your business.

You can also share some tutorial videos of your products so that your consumer base can understand your business and trust it.

User-generated content

It is a must thing to do for every business owner to create user-generated content while using their business profile on Instagram.

Behind the scene stories

Customers would love to see how your business is being done or how the products are being made. It can be a great marketing strategy for any small or big business.

Deals and offers

Use the ‘stories’ option to share any deals, offers, and promotions of your brand.

Special contests

It would be best if you try to engage the consumer base to your profile. For that, you can create contests and offer prizes through stories on Instagram.

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